with management

Our success is based on a shared vision for the entire project, ensuring a complete alignment of interests between managers and shareholders, and favouring mutual trust and transparency.

Right from the start, everyone’s roles and responsibilities are clearly defined in a shareholders’ agreement, which sets out unambiguously the rules of governance, in line with market best practice. We respect managers’ operational independence and organize governance accordingly, with a distinction between the Management Board and the Supervisory Board. The strategic and financial decisions lie within the competence of the Supervisory Board, in which Pragma Capital plays an active role.

Most importantly, our experience has taught us when to take a step back and give time for in-depth analysis in order to make the right decisions. We know that real life brings unexpected situations and differs from even the most detailed business plans. In such a rapidly changing environment, we firmly believe that the success of our SMEs relies on the ability of both managers and shareholders to adapt quickly.

“Pragma plays its role perfectly as a majority shareholder. The level of attention and understanding of our business is remarkable. At Pragma, I particularly appreciate the constructive exchanges that allow me to test my ideas and receive critical feedback, the fact that assistance is always at hand, and the real awareness of management’s concerns.”

Hervé Hacot – CEO – Trefilaction